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Enjoy Oculara! This new and unique Eye Health Formula contains 9mg of Lutein with extracts of Goji Berry, Bilberry, Acai Berry and Carrot Concentrate in a delicious Mixed Berry fruit blend powder that can be taken direct from the packet or mixed with a favorite juice or tea.

This daily supplement also includes Lycopene, Beta Carotene and Provitamin A, essential nutrients and compounds for greater eye health and vision support.

The Goji Berry and Bilberry are recognized throughout the world as the perfect fruits to prevent eye degeneration and promote eye health. The 9mg of Lutein with Acai Berry and Carrot Concentrate generates an extra potent ocular supplement.

Oculara is a remarkable formula that’s perfect for the entire family! It’s rich in Carotenoids, Beta-Carotene, nutrients and eye wellness compounds that support healthy vision and offer optimal eye wellness.

A Healthy Life Is A Happy Life.

Oculara with Lutein Image
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