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Glucosamine & Collagen with Multivitamins
Our Glucosamine & Collagen dog supplement powder is an alternative hip & joint formula that we developed for Costco Korea and Costco Japan.

It is an extraordinary all-in-one complex, combining Glucosamine, Collagen (from fish) and MSM with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and Multivitamins.

We were asked to reformulate this product to meet Korea and Japan pet supplement regulations and were happy to do so.

Glucosamine & Collagen with MSM work well together in support of your dog’s hip and joint mobility with the collagen being a major component of connective tissue in your pet’s body. It’s about a quarter of the dog’s body mass and is found in the skin, muscle, and tendons.

The flaxseed supplies necessary fiber to aid the digestive system and the Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids help to reduce inflammation and promote your K9’s overall joint flexibility and contribute to a healthy skin & coat.

Our dog supplements are full of the vital and necessary compounds that are not available in commercial dog foods. They will support wellness, a robust lifestyle and may extend your dog’s lifespan.

A daily serving sprinkled on your pet’s meal, will build and maintain your canine friend's liveliness and vitality.

There are No Fillers, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors or Coloring.

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