Dog Supplements
Dietary supplements for dogs and cats are becoming increasingly popular with pet owners.

Many pet parents are paying more attention to the quality of food they feed their companion animals, while they are also realizing the benefits of nutritional and issue-targeted dietary supplements.

Our cGMP approved, American manufactured MeridLife Premium Dog Supplements, are in great demand in the Asian market and will be available In the US as well.

In fact, according to one market research firm, 21 percent of dogs in the USA are being given at least one supplement.

The primary categories for dog supplements include hip & joint mobility, skin & coat health, GI tract health & function and liver and kidney support.

The MeridLife Premium Dog Supplements we offer are Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Multivitamins, Glucosamine & Collagen with Multivitamins and Skin & Coat Complex with Collagen & Salmon Oil.

All include Omega 3&6 Fatty Acids combined with flaxseed for digestive health and needed vitamins and minerals. We can also adjust our formulas to be approved by our customer’s country and cultural regulations and standards.

Along with fresh, balanced and appropriate nutrition, carefully chosen dietary supplements can be extremely beneficial to your pet’s overall wellness, happiness and longevity.

As always, we recommend you work with your vet to determine what types of nutritional or issue-focused supplements are most appropriate for your dog.

A Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog.

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